Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 13, 2008

The Window Project (and other news)

So the window project began last Thursday, and is proceeding apace. They have started on the top floor, and will be there until this Thursday, when they will be down on the next floor. Too fast.  Too soon they will be on my floor. Meanwhile, the project may help with another of my problems. I guarantee there will be no sleeping in the daytime while this project is going on. Except maybe on Sundays. They are using a tool like a small jackhammer to take the windows our (which The Boyo informs me is properly called a rotohammer), and boy is it loud. And it’s still three floors above me. *le sigh*

Today is The Boyo’s birthday. He is coming over for supper, which may be homemade pizza. If that’s what he wants. I’ve already made banana bread and pumpkin bread for his gifts, as he requested. And I’m thinking about making a carrot cake, too. We’ll see if I’m that ambitious. If not, well, we’ll just put candles in one of his bread loaves. And I’m sure other birthday frivolity will ensue. I think I even still have a bottle of bubbly. (Neither one of us drinks alcohol, so it’s sparkling cider.) And the only thing you need to know is he’s nine years, eleven months and ten days younger than I am. (Yes, I am a cradle robber.)

Speaking of banana bread, part of the adventure this time was keeping the remants of the fruit-fly invasion out of it. They have for the most part died off or  been trapped in my homemade traps, but of course, nothing is more enticing to them than over-ripe banana. They came out of the woodwork, I swear! I think I managed to fend all of them off, if not, the banana bread will have extra protein.

And we are back into the weird search terms. Todays favorite search terms to find my blog are:

Peacock sex


Wheelchair T-shirt

Now I must take the dog out, and then either dirty or wash some dishes.


  1. best. gifts. ever.

    home made bread, pizza and nookie!

  2. happy birthday to the boyo!

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