Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 9, 2008

I have a migraine…

It doesn’t much like computer screens. But I put some pretty pictures up for you over at Photofilia.


  1. gorgeous color! sorry about the migraine….

  2. lovely flame tree.

    what do you take for your migraines? the only thing that works for me is ergodryl but big pharma won’t make it any more so I have to get a compound chemist to create it at great expense 😦

  3. Daisy Fae- Thanks!

    Nurse Myra- I get them so rarely these days, I just usually sleep them off. Back when I had them more frequently, there wasn’t anything available. Yesterday The Boyo and I went out for a sandwich, and I think I ran into one of my triggers, either MSG or sulfites. Head is much better now.

  4. the only trigger I’ve been able to identify is lentils. they contain sulfites don’t they?

    glad you’re feeling better

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