Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 25, 2008

Windows, Windoze

So we had a meeting today about the windows replacements. They are starting next month, on the 9th, at the top. That’s the 13th floor. It should take a week to do a floor. Notice I said “should.” The Boyo is a construction worker, and according to him, nothing goes according to plan.

The Powers That Be were by the other day to assess what needed to be moved. And they gave me bad news. Instead of the five-foot margin they had talked about before, now they want 10 feet. Frick. Where do they think I’m going to put all this stuff? The worst part is that I hadn’t planned on moving my computer desk, but if they are going to move it, I will have to disassemble everything. Fark.

Then there is the bookshelves. I had planned on packing up the two smaller ones right by the window, but not the larger one. Now it looks like I need to pack that up, too. Maybe it’s time to weed out the books, however. And where am I going to put my plants? OK, they are african violets, they have their own personal lamp, so I guess they can go in the kitchen on the counter. They have self-watering pots, anyway. And the other one is a zygocactus I rarely water, anyway.

So, sometime around the first of November, I will be gone for a while. On a little vacation to a local motel, all expenses paid. But meantime, I’ve got a lot of work to do. Oh well, I used to move when my house got to a certain point where it was messier than I could take. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. I guess this time I’ll just move furniture instead. And if I don’t have to wear a snowmobile suit and cover up with a quilt to sit in my favorite chair to read or watch TV, it will so be worth it.


  1. hope the motel’s a nice one

  2. It’s funny that, in our world, the only constant is change. And yet, as humans, we really tend to loathe change. Even when it’s good for us, in the long run.

    Good luck with the preps. From experience, I’d recommend not waiting ’til the last minute…

  3. Nurse Myra- It’s an OK motel, with a restaurant, and only 4 or 5 blocks away. Can’t beat that. I was hoping for the Four Seasons Olympic, with room service, but you know…

    Rob- Yes, I will start soon. At least getting things organized to pack.

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