Posted by: silverstar98121 | September 22, 2008


The autumn equinox comes in at 11:48 AM today, which makes this the feast of Mabon. Mabon is also known as the second or fruit harvest, or the witches Thanksgiving. It is a time of balance, as day and night are equal, and the light and dark of the northern and southern hemispheres are equal. Modern peoples call it the first day of autumn, but if you have been paying attention, the season actually started changing around the Lammas, the first of August.

The apples and the grapes have been harvested, which is why this is the fruit harvest. It is a time for wine, if you indulge. Many Pagan groups will have a Thanksgiving feast at Mabon, and often collections are taken for the food banks at this time. Given the economic woes of our country, and the problems food banks are having even finding fuel to pick up and distribute food, a donation to a food bank might be in order. But as a former food bank consumer, may I just say a pox on both your houses if you donate macaroni and cheese, especially off-brands. I once had enough of the stuff from food banks to use to insulate my walls, which is all it was good for.

Being a time of balance, it is a good time to try to restore balance in our lives. To think about what’s taken over our lives, and weighs too heavily on them. It’s time to gear toward foods that will keep us warm, hearty breads and soups. It is also the time when people like me, with Seasonal Affective Disorder, begin to feel the slide downhill. Time to get out the SAD light and up some of my meds, so I can at least move from now until February.

So, anyway, happy Autumn Equinox. And happy Spring Equinox to Nurse Myra, Dolce, and the other Southern Hemispherians.


  1. thank you and the same to you… especially now, i need to take your advice to heart… balance!

    …and i’m with ya on the mac and cheese…

  2. Thanks and to you as well.

    Balance. Very lacking today. Timely thought.

  3. Happy autumnal moments to you and yours!

  4. I empathise with your SAD. spring can’t come quickly enough for my liking.

    happy mabon

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