Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 22, 2008

What’s Up?

As if I don’t spend enough time on the computer, now Azahar and Compu-Diva have me playing email Scrabble, and are presently kicking my butt. I think I’m outmatched here, I haven’t played for a while.

I have seen my future, and it has a mobility dog in it. Not for a while, but perhaps soon. Not only could I use the help getting out of chairs and moving around my apartment that’s too small for my walker, but the US government is trying to change the service dog laws to where what Friday does for me won’t qualify. Phooey. But I have a plan, and I know my doc will go along with it, certifying that I need a mobility dog. Sometimes my knee gets stuck and I can’t move. If I have something to balance against, I can get it unstuck. However, if I’m not near something, I’m in trouble. Happened to me the other day whent The Boyo was over. I had to call him to help me. He is concerned about what might happen if I am alone. A big dog could come over and help me balance with their mobility harness. OK, so it costs more to keep a dog for years than get one of those lift chairs, but dogs are more fun.

This post just about ruined the song “Walking on Sunshine” for me. Thanks, Raincoaster. And I said some snarky things about the girl in the video. However, I didn’t understand the context. Not having cable TV, or for that matter, watching much TV at all, especially in the summer, I had no idea there was such  a show as Intervention. Or that there really were people who were so hungry for attention that they would bare their lives like that. Then yesterday, there she was again on Slog. This time the videos linked to the whole show. And I watched it. I still think it’s a pathetic concept and exploitative, but Allison, I’m sorry I snarked on you. And I’m glad you went to rehab. I hope it sticks.  (Of course, I really don’t have much room to talk, since I blog my whole pathetic life. I just don’t have the audience A&E does.)

Meanwhile over at Shapely Prose, there is a post on how hurtful people can be to fat women. And there seems to be a catharsis going on, as there are now nearly 500 comments recounting the thousands of small cuts, especially from men. Men weren’t my problem, it was my mother. But samo, samo. It still hurts. So next time you hear somebody telling their girlfriend, daughter, wife, random woman on the street that her ass is so fat she has to make two trips to haul it,…well, just give it some thought. It’s not necessary, and it’s not helpful. Lets make “fat” and “obese”  the new “n-word.”

Should I confess I’m enjoying being on Twitter? Not because I want to know that someones hand was in your vagina during the earthquake in California, but because there are some pretty funny people on there. I follow about 15 of them. Yes, Twitter is all about 140 character one-liners. Of course, no one follows me except Raincoaster, Azahar and Compu-Diva, and mostly we use it to schedule Scrabble games.

Silverstar, spending hours on the Internet so you don’t have to.


  1. I was pleasantly enjoying your post and getting ready to move to another blog when WHAM your last line had me laughing out loud.


  2. You’re welcome, Kym. Any time.

  3. Silverstar, spending hours on the Internet so you don’t have to.

    Um, do you happen to ghost write posts as well?

  4. It’s your turn. 🙂

  5. I just can’t get into Twitter, or perhaps I won’t allow myself. I am already too pressed for time.

    Fat comments stick to a person like shit on a blanket. No matter what you do, you cannot wash those words off your soul.

  6. have over 40 unread posts in my ‘reader’ at the moment – so i’m delighted that you’re giving me the scores and highlights!

  7. Twitter: for people who hated Dickens and still consider Hemingway a bit wordy.

    (twittering that now!)

  8. Rob- I don’t know, what are you willing to pay?

    Azahar-back to you.

    Annie- resist the Borg of Twitter with all your might. Or you will end up writing one-liners instead of novels. And I love the “shit on a blanket” thing. So true.

    Daisy Fae- only 40? I think the cupboard is bare if I don’t have 400 on my reader. Of course most of them are news, and I just skim the headlines.

    Raincoaster- more like Ogden Nash. (Twittered that last night.)

  9. so what are the tasks that friday performs for you now? in what way does friday not qualify as a mobility dog?

  10. Nurse Myra, Friday is mostly for emotional support, and to give me a reason to leave the house. Also to support me during panic attacks. I have taught her to do things like open doors and pick stuff up that I drop, but not because I can’t do it myself. It just impresses the general public that can’t even get their dogs to heel. As a Cocker Spaniel, she is too small to put a harness on and have her pull me to an upright position from a chair, or provide balance support. You need a dog as big as a Lab or golden retriever to do this.

    The relevant portion of the proposed new law:

    Animals whose sole function is to provide emotional support, comfort, therapy, companionship, therapeutic benefits, or to promote emotional well-being are not service animals.

    Washington already tries to separate service dogs into service dogs and companion animals, and I want no mistake that she’s a service dog. I need her with me because I don’t know when I’m going to have a panic attack. My fear is that they will restrict companion animals from public transport, grocery stores, etc., and then I would be further imprisoned in my own home.

    Friday is already 10 y.o. and slowing down considerably. My arthritis is getting worse. Friday has a home with me until the inevitable, but then I will get a bigger dog. And that will piss off the management of my building, so I will have to make sure my ducks are in a row. The way the lease is written now, Friday would be too big for the building unless she is a service animal. But I don’t need to have a smaller dog underfoot.

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