Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 14, 2008

Random Observations 2

Boobs Matter

Boobs Matter

Here we have proof that boobs are all that matters. Notice the two spikes in the graph.  Those are my two boob posts. It’s like I have a huge left boob and a small right boob. Phooey. Now we will see if we can get a spike just by using the tag “boobs”.

In other news, Scooter Man is supposed to be here tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, we will be up and running after that. I have gone from walking downstairs three times in one night to do laundry every week, to walking 3-4 blocks twice a day, and that when I only leave the house to walk Friday. Do any errands, and it’s a lot more. I had to go get dog food and doggie poop bags, and I think I walked a mile. Well, anyway, my legs felt like it when I got home.  Ouchie!!!

While I was out I saw a little person who only came up to my waist. Considering I am 4’11.5 inches tall, that’s really tiny. Although my inseam is 28″ and The Boyo’s is 26″, he being more long-waisted, and me being more long-legged. We can’t do it standing up unless he stands on a phone book. Ewwww. TMI. Rob, Annie’s got nothing on me.

Speaking of The Boyo, he came over last night, and none of the endorphin-enhancing activities he had in mind included blog posting. You got a reprieve.

Belltown, the section of Seattle I live in, is getting a reputation for not being safe. Well, um, yeah, down

The Dive Bar

The Dive Bar

on 1st and 2nd Avenues, where all the yuppie clubs are. There’s a dive bar around the corner from me I would feel perfectly safe in. If I could stand how loud they play the jukebox. Strangely enough, they contend they have been serving alcoholics since 1929. The Prohibition (of alcohol) Amendment wasn’t repealed until 1933. A little scandal in Seattle’s past?

Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle

Speaking of around the corner, there is a statue of Chief Seattle that is 100 years old this year.  Actually his name was Sealth. The plaque on the the statue says he was a great friend to whites. But I think I heard a loud hum like a rotisserie when we visited his grave on Bainbridge Island last. I imagine that he is spinning because of what we have done to his air, land and waters. Although there is some controversy about his speech, I think the drift was to take care of the land.

Friday is losing weight. I don’t know if I am, I refuse to get on a scale until forced to in the doctor’s office. It doesn’t matter. My blood pressure is controlled by a very small dose of diuretic, my blood sugars are normal, my HDL cholesterol is off the charts. I appear to be one of the 30% of morbidly obese that don’t pay for it except with our knees. And the last time I lost a bunch of weight, my knees got worse, not better. Go figure. Well, that’s enough for now. Ta Ta.


  1. There are too many boys on the innerweb. Which is why boobs matter.


  2. Hahahahaha! Between the “boobs” graph and the standing up sex, I nearly spit coffee all over my laptop! You funny lady Silverstar!

    Chief “Sealth”? Did his parents have speech impediments?


  3. Try bio-data. DarcKnyt swears this is a big thing with in Asian countries. And then there is the old stand-by Angie Jolie. Of course, you could do all three:

    Angelina Jolie’s bio-data and boob pics (gotta have pics)

    You are very TMI but I prefer to think of us as just being “honest” when presenting our lives to our readers (‘course sometimes I throw things in just to see if anyone is paying attention).

  4. Dolce, yes they are boys and not men. Don’t they ever outgrow it.

    Rob, who said anything about sex? Naughty boy.

    Annie, Raincoaster says it is Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Since the only celebrities I know are the ones who read my blog, I’m doomed.

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