Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 11, 2008

Travels with Friday, Part III

By this time, Fearless Leader and I have parted ways. It is time to go home. We have to be on the same planes, but we don’t have to talk to each other. Of course, now I have no one to help me, and I must get a scooter, a walker, and all our luggage to the airport. Fun.

Our plane wasn’t until six in the evening, but of course, we had to be out of our rooms by eleven. Long wait in the airport. So somebody helps me get the walker with the luggage to the bus stop, I think a couple of the gardeners at the motel. Sometimes it pays to bat your eyes and look helpless. Epona is barely running, but I don’t have that far to go, just from bus to bus and into the airport. It’s the charger, it’s just not putting a good charge on the batteries. I have the cord, and plan to plug in at the airport and let it charge while I’m waiting. And waiting, and waiting. This is one of those “five minutes before red-eye” flights. So far, so good. Get to the airport, get the checked luggage taken care of, so all I have to do is manage my carry-ons, and Friday.

One thing I like about the San Jose airport is that you don’t go through security until the last damn minute. Which means that Friday and I can have lunch, go outside, honk around until at least an hour before the flight takes off. I wish more airports were built this way.

First thing I did is change my seat assignment to get away from the forward bulkheard, and from Fearless Leader. Friday has more room if she can get under the seat in front of her. Some airlines used to put you at the rear bulkhead, where the dog could get under your seat. They would even leave the seat between you and the window seat vacant so you would have more room.

One thing I should have done is stock up on goodies for the plane. I didn’t, expecting to grab a bite in Salt Lake City. That didn’t happen.

When we got to Salt Lake, Epona was barely running, and I couldn’t plug in because the airline lost the cord. And of course, one again, the gate is as far away as possible. With some help from the airport folks, I got to the gate….just in time to board. No dinner. Not good.

Three miserable, hungry hours later, at 10 PM, we get to Sea-Tac. And by this time Epona is really crawling. And every food stand at Sea-Tac is closed. Anyway, the guy pushing my luggage isn’t going to stop anywhere before we get to the baggage claim. And off we go. A half hour later we had managed to get Epona to the baggage claim. By that time, only my suitcases were going around and around. I claim them all.

I had arranged to take ACCESS home, too. This is done on a “will-call” basis. Once you land, you call them. Word to the wise, call them the second that they let you turn your cell phone on. Or, if you are having problems, like I was, don’t dare call them until you have all luggage gathered, etc. So I call them.

And then I wait. And wait. And wait some more. I am fortunate it was summer, and was warm outside, where I had to wait for them. There was a miscommunication. They told me to wait where the regular buses come, the van parked where the ACCESS  vans usually load. And I had to wave them down and try to get to them before they drove off. But at least I got home. Half-starved, about  1AM. Never again, next time I took a shuttle, which was there when I was ready for it.

Rob said he hoped I profited from the seminar. Only in that I learned some energy saving tips for being disabled. Like leaving your cast iron cookware on the stove, so you don’t have to be picking it up and down. And using a duvet on the bed, just pulling it up in the morning to make the bed look sorta nice.

Fearless Leader came home carrying tales to the Big Cheese, and I got another round of “you are not grateful enough.” I quit the organization. I don’t think it is around anymore. Even if you think somebody is dead wrong and ungrateful, it pays to just listen and empathize.


  1. hmmm…. i think you can save energy by whacking an arrogant, asshole boss with a cast iron skillet. may take some energy to get started, but it’ll save a a lot of wasted emotional energy later!

  2. Another fucking growth experience as my mom would say.

  3. Silverstar: your recounting of your adventure does pull on the ole heartstrings. Have you considered submitting this short for proper publishing?

    Shame that the “Fearless Leader” had to be a dick. Don’t worry though. Karma will give him his comeuppance.

    Remember, we can’t control how other people act. We can control how we react to others though.

    Thanks for sharing these stories, too. Sounds like Friday was your one saving grace through the entire ordeal.

    Keep smilin’.

  4. Daisy Fae, it is just as well I didn’t have access to my cast iron skillet. I hear the jails in California suck.

    Annie, amen.

    Rob, I tolerated a lot of his dickiness because I knew it was from the traumatic brain injury. Not all of it, but definitely the inability to change from the written directions we were given, and overcompensating for his perceived deficits. Hell, the man had his PDA programmed to tell him when to pee. (I exaggerate.) But some of it was just natural born dick.

    I’m just glad that other people think he’s a dick, too. I got told by Big Cheese that it was all in my head.

  5. Daisy Fae, forgot to add, this was a very young all-volunteer organization. They had not yet learned the lesson that while a paid worker may have to suck it up with your bullshit for various reasons, a volunteer can just tell you to fuck off. And I did. Lesson learned, we hope.

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