Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 10, 2008

Gentle Readers

I wish to apologize for sinking into “nobody loves me, I’m going to go eat worms” mode in my recent rant. The post would have been more powerful without it. I would edit it out, but then the comments wouldn’t make sense, and some of the comments are better than the post.

Also, Part II of Travels  with Friday will be delayed while I suffer with some weather related crap. Should be back Monday.


  1. It’s your blog – and you can use it any way you like! It was (and is) a visceral and obviously heart-felt “purge”… Hope the weather clears!

  2. No worries silverstar. As daisyfae says, “It’s your blog”. Sometimes we have to say what’s on our mind, eh?

    Here’s to short suffering! 8)

  3. It’s okay. To be a writer is to express angst.

  4. Daisy Fae, Rob, Annie, thank you all. We had a thunderstorm yesterday, a rare occurence in Seattle, and it set off all my pain sensors. It’s getting better.

  5. ah well we all whine don’t we……. and then we try to move on


  6. If you can’t rant and whine on your own blog, then where else? I found that post refreshingly honest and quite enjoyed it myself.

    Am more of a reader than a commenter these days. Must work on that.

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