Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 7, 2008

Light blogging

After all the heavy blogging yesterday, I don’t have much. So here is a picture of my baby, all snuggled up

Friday after her bath

Friday after her bath

in her towel after her bath. And yes, that is my fuzzy slipper next to her. Next question?


  1. aw gosh she’s cute

  2. Awwww… i can almost smell the “aroma de wet dog”!

  3. I’ve never seen a dog that doesn’t look homicidal just after a bath. Mine looks at me like it would pin my foot to the floor with a screwdriver if it weren’t so frustrated at not having opposable thumbs and possible not understanding the concept of tools other than possibly a can opener in a weird, cargo-cult sort of way . . .

  4. Friday thanks you for the compliment Nurse Myra and Daisy Fae.

    FFE, you made me scare my dog laughing like the witch I am. I had thought of taking her into Photoshop to get some of the Cujo out of her eyes, but I’m lazy.

  5. Friday is cute for sure!

    “Light blogging” is better than “no blogging”…something I’ve been been doing a bit of lately.

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