Posted by: silverstar98121 | August 5, 2008

The Psuedo-Inspection

I’ll probably have more to say about this over at the View from the Bottom of the Shaft, but weird things are happening in my building. For instance, on Thursday I get a note on my door that says the inspection scheduled for Friday has been delayed until Monday. What inspection?

One of the indignities of being poor and living in public housing is that our units are regularly inspected. Usually, this is only once a year, but there are also inspections that are targeted at certain people. You have notice, but how many middle class people have management come into their apartments and look in the refrigerator and oven, fer gawd’s sake?

Supposedly, these inspections are to see that the apartment is in good repair, looking for things that need to be fixed. Actually, the report we get has things on it like:

  • You need to clean out your refrigerator, it has moldy things in it.
  • You need to clean your floors.
  • Your shower has mold in it.
  • You need to clean your oven.
  • You need to clean your range hood filter.
  • You need to keep everything 6″ away from the heaters.

It’s horribly humiliating and invasive. Although give the state of Chez Silverstar of late, perhaps they  have a point.

So, having this notice, I cleaned like a trooper on the weekend. And nothing happened. Oh, the inspectors were there. You can tell. We have emergency call cords near our beds and in the bathrooms, and you can hear them testing them. But nobody came here. Damn, wasted all that time cleaning. NOT. Glad I did it. Still have a bit to do, but I was tired today, so didn’t get done. It’s also freaking hot in Seattle again. I have worn shorts more this year than in the previous 17 years I have been in Western Washington. But it couldn’t be global warming, could it? Nah.


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  2. they look inside your fridge? that’s going too far….

  3. Nurse Myra, I’m surprised they don’t look in my dirty clothes hamper.

  4. you can always leave them a present in the toilet. easily fixed, not enough to get you evicted, but enough to screw up their day, right?

    agree that the detailed inspection is pretty damn humiliating…

  5. Daisy Fae, don’t tempt me. However, with some of the other crap going on, I wouldn’t dare.

  6. how about creating an artwork from used tampons or condoms and hanging it up for their next visit?

  7. I’d love to Nurse Myra, but I don’t know where I’d get the materials these days. Although I suppose I could go look for condoms in our back alley. On second thought, yewww!

  8. […] only thing that happened yesterday is they had me fill out the paperwork to renew my lease. Another Psuedo-inspection. And I made a pitch for a lower rent because my medical expensed exceed 3% of my income. Hell, my […]

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