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This is where I need Dolce’s T-shirt. Because I am soooo blogging this. So there I am minding my own

How do you miss seeing a bus?

How do you miss seeing a bus?

business, when there is a loud *BANG*. OK, in my part of Seattle, unfortunately, loud bangs are not unusual. A bit later, I took Friday out for her constitutional. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A bus accident. Why don’t you ever have a camera when you need one?

So I turned around and went back to the building to get my camera, because the cops weren’t even there yet. Although I think every supervisor Metro had on duty was. And discovered that I had put on the “wrong” pants. My keys were in my other pants. Oh, shit.

Luckily, just as I got to the door, the Deaf Guy was coming out of the elevator. I waved at him and he came and opened the security door. He likes me because I at least know how to sign “Thank You.”

Up in the elevator, and knock at my neighbor’s door, the one who has my key for just such emergencies. And she’s all ready for bed. Even though the sun isn’t down yet. Grab my keys, grab my

And push it over the center line?

And push it over the center line?

camera card out of the card reader, grab camera, and out we go.

And now we come to my question. What, you didn’t see the fucking bus? How can you not see a bus? Not only that, but it looks like the car was going fast enough that it pushed the bus over the center line on impact. How do you do that stopped at a stop light? Um…unless the bus was trying to squeak through

The long view

The long view

a red light, and you saw it turn green while still moving and punched it. Anyway, I think you both got a lot of ‘splaining to do.

In case it isn’t clear, the car’s wheel well is hung up in the bus’s bumper. Ok, I’ve had a few accidents in my time, but I’ve avoided hitting buses.  And now you know a little more about my neighborhood. TMI?


  1. Back in my university days in Calgary, I was riding a transit bus to campus from downtown. At one point where another road merged with 16th Ave NW (aka the TransCanada Hwy) a car came round the merge lane just as our bus was going by. I don’t know if that dumbass just didn’t see that bus or if he/she thought they could “beat it”, but it didn’t quite work out that way as the bus “squeezed” off the car.

    Left quite a scrape down the side of the bus. And us left sitting there for a while until police and a replacement bus showed up.

    Some people think driving is a right and not a privilege. And they also seem to think they’re invincible inside an automobile. Neither is true.

  2. Absolutely right, Rob, it is a privilege and not a right. Even though I have a valid driver’s license, I don’t drive anymore because I don’t trust my legs. And I spent too many years as a cop’s wife dodging old people who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. If you can barely walk, folks, you shouldn’t drive. Driving takes more coordination than walking.
    Not that this involved an oldster.

  3. gosh the cops must take a long time to get to accidents in your part of town

  4. Nurse Myra, non-injury accidents are low priority, and that’s coupled with this weekend being Seafair weekend with the attendant fun of large crowds of drunk people. The supervisors were there directing traffic, so…

  5. Sadly, in SA, accidents are frequent. In fact, driving to work can be decidedly hazardous to your health sometimes!

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