Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 25, 2008

T-Shirt Friday

Well, this has certainly been an interesting exercise! I just learned so much!

The first thing I learned is that I only have one thing in my wardrobe that will give me any decollatage. It’s just not there. But I didn’t think after Daisy Fae’s and Nurse Myra’s performances anyone wanted to see me in T-shirts that advertised where I had been. Although that would have been safer, I think.

Wheel of the Year pendant

Wheel of the Year pendant

Then I had to find an accessory. So I dug out this “Wheel of the Year” pendant to put on. Then onto finding a venue. But first I had to look at the book to see how to work the timer on the camera. And I needed to find the booklet in English for that. I had found the one in Espanõl earlier in the day when I was out shooting pictures in the park and wanted to know how to turn bracketing off.

So we pick a venue, and it makes the pictures washed out. Fortunately, Photoshop can fix just about

Lots of Photoshopping for a picture of my boobs.

Lots of Photoshopping for a picture of my boobs.

anything.  I should have worked on erasing the five chins you can see in the picture. Oh well.

Obviously, at least to me, we needed a darker background. So we tried a couple of other places. This is harder than it sounds, because Silverstar’s apartment is tiny, and crowded with junk. And the tripod takes up lots of room. The challenge then became to set the camera up, trip over the tripod legs, and get into the picture in 10 seconds. Apparently, I succeeded a couple of times.

Decollatage on display

Decollatage on display

I think this one looks better against the dark background. Not so much of my boobs, but a better picture of the decollatage, I think.  And less chins. I really should work on that other picture, but I’m lazy.

So I hope you enjoyed this foray into T-Shirt Friday. And maybe we will do it again. It depends on how much utter disgust is displayed.

However, don’t expect to find me wearing one of these any time soon.


  1. […] their names here as soon as they post their pics. first off the rank is everyone’s favourite silverstar. she’s a spunky, funny retired nurse who might just run you down with her disability scooter […]

  2. […] lovely Silverstar has jointed in the fun, though, so I’m not completely alone in the […]

  3. Welcome to the club! You look great, Ms. Silverstar! And nice to know i wasn’t the only one to struggle with the logistics of self-portrait of my chestal region! Woo hoo!

  4. I tell you, it took me HOURS to take one that didn’t show the chins….this is not easy, dammit…how does Nursy do it every week?

    I love that pendant!

  5. Thank you, Daisy Fae. I think it used to piss my mother off that I had a chestal region. She was an ironing board.

    Dolce, I don’t know how Nursy does it. Especially since she didn’t used to have a tripod or a timer on her camera.

  6. Yay! i do realize it’s not easy… but i do enjoy the results. well done…

  7. Anything for a little admiration, Gnu.

  8. Is nowhere safe from chesticles? – tee hee – you’re all making an old git very happy

  9. Apparently not, DP. *Note to self, get more sexy T-shirts.*

  10. I love it!!! 🙂

  11. Stop it!

  12. ……….. later

  13. so cooool SS … must get and post mine 🙂

  14. you really don’t need it to be admired… but it does change the ‘flavor’ of that admiration… more drooly… ;->

  15. I still can’t work out the timer on my camera 😦

    have tried searching on the net but haven’t come up with instructions yet…. it’s a Canon IXUS V if anyone can help….

  16. Here you go, Nurse Myra, you can download the manual here. (PDF)

  17. OOPPS! Let’s try that again.
    Here you go!!

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