Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 16, 2008

I Slew a Slue in the Slough of Despond.

Or why nobody will play Scrabble with me. Actually, I lie, The Boyo will play with me, and occasionally beat the pants off of me. Not because he has a better vocabulary, but because he is better at strategy. And no panty-ass games for us, we play with an unabridged dictionary on the table. The Official Scrabble Dictionary doesn’t have enough words in it.

In other news, you may have noticed that blogging has been light over the last few days. Well, OK, non-existent is more like it. It is in reaction to the continued ill health of Epona, who’s doctor I can’t seem to contact. Perhaps he is on vacation, or I may have to find another. We will see. The present Scooter Man comes to the house for a reasonable charge.

Anyway, from walking around so much, my knees, which have abso-fucking-lutely no cartilage left, got very sore. Which caused me to up my narcotic usage from once a month to once every day or two. There are a couple of problems with this, one being that narcotics are depressants, and I’m a depressive. Besides depressing mood, they depress other things, such as your ability to stay awake and, umm….move things along. So there I was in the Slough of Despond, made worse with some other financial problems, like getting a “pay or vacate” notice yesterday. I made a mistake last month, and this month the #@%%##’s couldn’t find my check, which I pay automatically by computer so it gets there before it is due or late. Good enough for government work, but it’s gonna cost me $17. Not to worry, it’s all been taken care of.

I ended up sitting in my recliner for three days, with ice on my knees and my nose in a murder mystery, because sitting at the computer desk also causes them problems. I surpassed Nurse Myra’s two books a week by reading two in one day. Yeah, I know, I’m a wuss when it comes to pain. In addition, it has been “hot” in Seattle. I put that in quotes because hot in Seattle is defined as 80° F. That’s 26.66° to you C fans. Our apartments are built to exclude any hope of cross-ventilation, and so I turn into a puddle of Silverstar slime at these temps, unless I turn on the air conditioner. Which makes my electric bill higher, and it was already high enough due to June-uary. I can’t get no relief this year. (We have hydroelectric, so there is little hope of having anything like gas heat or appliances here. And don’t get me started about the dammed salmon. No, I didn’t misspell that. ) Yeah, I’m a wuss about the heat after living in Western Washington for 18 years.

So things have been a little rocky at the House of Silverstar. Until last night, when The Boyo showed up for a visit. Poor thing, I screamed at him in the elevator when he asked if Epona was fixed. Anybody else would have turned around and left, he gave me a really long hug. And then he fed me steak, ice cream and chocolate. Snuggled me to bed. And this morning we performed the rites of Pan and Aphordite. And damned fine rites they were. And suddenly things are all better. Blogging to resume tomorrow.


  1. A cure for what ails ya! Be sure to remember the ‘treatment’ next time things go to shit… perhaps get a doc to write out an “as needed” prescription that you can present to The Boyo?

  2. steak, ice cream, chocolate and rite performing. what more could you want?

    (ok, a couple of new knees would be nice but 4 out of 5 ain’t bad)

  3. Daisy Fae, no Rx needed, just time and energy.

    Nurse Myra, the Great Rite is good for what ails ya. Hope you find someone to perform it with in time.

    Actually, I hope everyone finds the one they’re supposed to be with. Or are content with themselves if that’s not to be.

  4. Hmm. As Nurse Myra knows, I have real problems with Scrabble. I always play for what I call The Elegance of the Word. Which means that if I can put down aioli and it will score me 5, or stick an “s” on the end of, oh, zebra to get a triple letter score I will always lose out.

    I am easy to beat.

    As far as the knees go, at least you don’t have to put pressure on them every Sunday at church. Thank spagmonster for small mercies.

  5. anaglyph, I blame my bad knees on 12 years of daily Mass in parochial school. And welcome to the my adventures.

  6. Silverstar,

    Skimmed this a bit ago, but just finding the time to read in depth. Sure hope the knees are a bit better. I think I saw in a later post that Epona is still out of commission for a bit longer? Hopefully not too long.

    26 C? I could live with that, but then I’m a hardy Canuck. We haven’t had too much of the hot stuff this summer (which is good), but my little temperature thingy often reads in excess of 30 C when the sun is shining right on it.

    Sounds like the Boyo is all around good for what ails Silverstar, eh?

    Take care,

  7. Yes, indeedy, he is Rob. And vice versa.

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