Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 11, 2008

Link Dump

One of the things about Clipmarks is that it can lead you to interesting things you never knew were out there. And some of the things you really didn’t want to know. For instance, I thought the Banana Slugs we have around here were bad enough, but now they’ve found a carnivorous species in South Wales. I could have lived without knowing that.

Some links are useful, like this link to 25 reference sites . Want to know the name of a bone, organ or something in your body? You can go to Human Anatomy Online. Need to know what a mensa et thoro means? Or what to do when addressed as a chara? You can go to the Dictionary of Difficult Words. Some of them might also be found at this site listing 20 Weird English Words. Considering the problems people have with pronunciation and spelling of English, I figured there were a lot more than 20 weird English words.

Paper or plastic? Which is better? We have the answer for you. They both take a lot of energy and resource inputs, so the answer is to carry your own reusable bags. Seattle is proposing a twenty-cent a bag bounty for disposable bags starting next year. I’ve already got my bags, and you can read my review of several different ones from different stores over at Magickally Delicious.


  1. Carnivorous slugs? Will they eat the cats that piss in my garden?

  2. Unfortunately, I think they only eat worms Rob. Otherwise we would probably import them to deal with the moles around here, invoking a Cane toad type disaster.

  3. Hey Spunky (see? i remembered!)… you know the internet is getting incestuous when you find a site linking to sites which link to information on sites with links… or something like that. anyway, you’ve given me places to go next time i’m looking to just wander. thanks!

  4. I liked the article on paper versus plastic. I have a great little reusable bag from Howard’s Storage. when not in use it rolls up into its own sheath which is about the size and shape of a small banana (like a ladyfinger banana). this slips into my handbag so I always have it with me for unexpected shopping trips.

    larger reusable bags are great but how often do you find yourself at the supermarket remembering the bags are back at home or in the boot of the car?

  5. You’re welcome, Gnukid.

    Nurse Myra, Whole Foods has something similar, and if you buy it, it will buy food for 40 people. However, it is out of my price range.

    I generally keep at least one bag in my walker basket, and one in my scooter bag. And since I usually intentionally grocery shop, take the lot of them with me when I go.

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