Posted by: silverstar98121 | July 6, 2008

Epona on the Critical List

Unfortunately, The Boyo and Aeroman were not able to fix Epona, she needs a part. So, on Monday I will have to call Scooter Man and see what this will set me back. And hopefully they won’t have the part backordered for two months like they did with the brake. Fudge.

Meanwhile, you folks haven’t been over to see my fireworks photos over at Photofilia, so go take a look.

And if you like web radio, here’s a new site I found that is fun. Musicovery
I like to listen to it or Pandora Radio when I’m surfing and blogging because you can train them to only play music you like.


  1. fingers still crossed for an economical and quick repair! a woman needs wheels – you’ve got more adventures to take!

    LOVE the fireworks! Very cool! looks ‘electric’ when you shoot them with a long shutter time!

    Read about Pandora Radio on my flight home yesterday – and am intrigued! When i get some time, i’ll muck about with it… smart radio! cool idea! better than “book suggestions” from Amazon!

  2. Musicovery is A-OK! Thanks for the link, Eileen.

    Here’s hoping for Epona’s speedy recovery. For one thing, you have more architecture to photograph and share with us.

  3. Those are neat fireworks photos.

    Sorry about the prognosis for Epona. Hopefully the part she needs is both cheap and readily available.

    So, Pandora Radio? I bet yours doesn’t play anything by “A Perfect Circle”, does it? 😎

  4. …i should’ve named my BoyChild “Scooter Man”!

    hope she’s up and running free again soon…

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