Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 30, 2008


I hate spam, both the electronic and the canned type. I’ve noticed a new kind of spam coming in, spam that looks like a legitimate comment at first, but…

I didn’t cotton to it at first. I got a comment on one of my blogs that said something about not getting the point, but nice blog. I approved it. When the same danged comment showed up on another blog, I got suspicious. I clicked to the website listed, and it way a blank Lycos site. Both of those got marked as spam.

Today I got a comment on Magickally Delicious about trying my banana bread recipe. Except the recipe is copyrighted, and I didn’t give it out. If you want it, go buy the book, like I did. So something was squirrely. I clicked on the website, and there was a page of mixers on sale. Bzzzzt. Down in the spam trough with you.

I like comments. Actually, I adore my small contingent of readers and commenters. But the spam is going to have to be smarter than I am.


  1. I find the Akismet spam catcher on WordPress to be pretty damned good. The odd time it does catch a legitimate comment.

    I once approved a comment that linked back to junktree or something like that. I was getting traffic based on searches for that site, so I wound iup deleting that comment.

    I hate those ones where it looks like someone actually wrote something but, like you said, the exact same phraseology shows up elsewhere. So, you follow the link back and ….yep…spam!

    Did you ever see the Monty Python bit about Spam?

  2. Yes, who could miss the Monty Python skit. Actually, that’s how spam got it’s name. Could be worse, they could have named it after the knights who say “Ni.” I agree, Askimet does a heck of a job, so the spammers are getting more creative. But you still can’t beat human intelligence.

  3. yeah that was the same spammer that got me. thanks for your alert at the time

  4. You’re welcome, Nurse Myra.

  5. human intelligence? Hahahahahahaha! Is that an oxymoron?


  6. No Rob, only military intelligence is an oxymoron. We haven’t invented HAL yet, thank heaven.

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