Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 11, 2008

I thought it was only me…

But Dan Savage noticed it. And now the Seattle Times has confirmed it. It’s colder here than Siberia. If I had the money, I’d join Daisy Fae and Nurse Myra in Spain. Maybe that’s why I’ve been cranky and tired all the time lately.

It was supposed to get up to 65° F here today, it’s 50° F now at noon. No way are we going to get to 65°, we’ll be lucky to get to 55°. I want my summer. Ok, I know all of you dealing with heat and humidity would trade me, but it’s my blog, and I’ll whine if I want to.


  1. I’ll use your blog to whine, too. WE NEED RAIN HERE.

    That might not do any good but it made me feel better.

  2. Kym, if I could send it down to you, I would. I’m tired of it already. A wee bit of sun would be appreciated.

  3. […] on the air conditioner. Which makes my electric bill higher, and it was already high enough due to June-uary. I can’t get no relief this year. (We have hydroelectric, so there is little hope of having […]

  4. […] weather, (and Cliff Mass confirms our temps have been below normal, makes one fear a repeat of the June-uary of last year) there seems to be several pairs nesting in there. Attemps to stalk the little […]

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