Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 20, 2008

Interim Report

Since I have been on hiatus, I have baked two loaves of bread. One loaf was Confetti Bread, which is a bread with minced vegetables and herbs in it that resemble strewn confetti. Delicious with cream cheese on it, or something like egg or tuna salad. The other loaf was rye bread, but it did not turn out as well as I had hoped. It was rather flat. I will have to figure out where I went wrong. Possibly let it rise too much, then got it too warm. Don’t know. It tastes good, just not very high. And a little tough.

One book was read and returned to the library on time, without taking any more books out. This is a major accomplishment, as books seem to jump from the shelves into my hands.

Most of TV shows on DVR either watched or otherwise disposed of. Thank heavens it is time for season finales, after which we will return to read/write mode.

Dog food fetched from across town, (a four hour ordeal for me), and dog bathed. Now comes the clipping.

Hours spent out in sunshine, which is rare in Seattle. Many pictures taken of architectural details in downtown Seattle, in homage to Mark Ellinger. Many more to be taken. And then organized, posted, etc.

Kitchen sorted, finally. Bathroom cleaned. Now to do the floors, after I clip the dog. I really ought to spin the stuff and make sweaters out of it.

And now back to the kitchen. The Boyo has put in an order for banana bread. If I don’t make it, he won’t install the new batteries in my scooter. I would like to thank Congress and President Bush for their completely idiotic tax rebate, given even unto those of us who have no taxable income. It is only due to this infusion of cash, which the grandchildren of my nieces and nephews will be paying for, that I was able to purchase new batteries for Epona, thus ensuring that my range on the scooter will be farther than from here to the library, as it is now. Looking forward to summer.


  1. Thank you so much for your very kind reference and for the link to my site, sweetheart.

    I paid a visit to Photofilia and left some comments for you. Some lovely shots there, Silverstar. I love seeing the world through other people’s eyes and am looking forward to seeing your photos of Seattle.

  2. i wish someone would bake bread for me

  3. Tobymarx, thank you for the compliment. You can see some of my Seattle over at Sound Structures.

    BTW, how many feminists have slapped you for calling them sweetheart?

    Nurse Myra, if I thought I could get it to Oz before it molded for a price I could afford, I would definitely bake you a loaf. I guess you’ll have to settle for a virtual one. Any special orders?

  4. None, so far. Probably because I only apply it to women who are truly deserving of this term of endearment. 😉

    I have already visited Sound Structures and have left some comments for you,


  5. confetti bread sounds good to me 🙂

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