Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 4, 2008

The Romance of Beltane

Friday was the Neo-Pagan festival of Beltane. Beltane is the beginning of the summer for us Pagans. It traditionally, in pre-Christian times, was a fertility festival. Often marriages were contracted at Beltane. It’s the beginning of outdoor lovemaking time, too. Provided you know someplace where you can get away with it. And I met The Boyo at Beltane nine years ago. It was love at first sight.

My coven and I were celebrating Beltane in the park, complete with Maypole. I love Maypoles. My roommate was supposed to meet us there as it was open to the public. It was a kind of cloudy day, threatening rain, as can happen in the Pacific Northwet (not a typo). My roommate had been gone most of the day, and I didn’t know where he had gone. The Tall One was more of a brother to me than anything, but one I got alone with.

Suddenly I saw The Tall One walking across the park toward us with a little guy. A real Mutt and Jeff picture. The Tall One was at least a foot taller than him. But the little guy was kind of cute. I was sure hoping to meet him. And he looked kind of familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

One of the joys of Beltane is dancing around the Maypole. If it is done right, everyone grabs a ribbon, and then half the people go clockwise and half go counter-clockwise, going under and over each other’s ribbons. It can be a very flirty kind of dance, “accidentally” bumping into someone you’re attracted to. And so I “accidentally” kept bumping into this cute little guy, and giving him hugs.

After the Maypole dance, we had a potluck. I was looking forward to that. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case may be) this little guy came over to me, and began talking to me. He talked my ear off. He monopolized my time. And then he asked me out to dinner. Good thing, I was starving, and most of the potluck was gone by then. And he asked The Tall One if he could stay with him that night. Well, that was fine by me, since it was my apartment, too. And off we went to dinner.

Have you ever met someone you could swear you’ve known forever? That was me and The Boyo. I soon found out a lot about him. He was a carpenter, originally from the town we were in, but now living in Seattle. But he came “home” every weekend, camping out on various friends and families couches. He and I were nearly the same height, a couple of munchkins. He and I had both grown up in large families. And so on and so on. And then we went back to my apartment.

He wanted a hug when we got there. I wanted more than that. Somehow, I managed to convey that message, and we celebrated Beltane properly, although not outdoors. Too cold and too many mosquitoes by that time. And we celebrated safely, of course. Neither of us are fools.

We spent the next day in Vancouver, BC, and the next weekend in La Push on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula. By that time, I knew I wanted him in my life for a long while. On the way back from La Push, I finally discovered why he looked familiar. I had taken care of his grandmother for several years in the nursing home and knew his mother well. I might have seen him around, but he never registered on my consciousness. What’s really strange about this is a psychic had predicted a couple of years earlier that my permanent partner would be someone who was in my circle, but that I didn’t know yet.

We’ve been together nine years now. We lived together for three years, but separated when I started to become disabled. I was hurt at the time, but separating allowed me to get housing and other services I couldn’t have qualified for if we were a couple. And after a while we came back together as “friends with benefits.” Right now he is my best friend and the mainstay of my support system.

And this is a message of hope for all of you out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a roly-poly fifty-something. There may be someone out there for you.


  1. Beautiful story! I’ve heard that the first of May is the beginning of “outdoor lovin'” season, but didn’t make the connection to Paganism! So many of the good things in life can be traced to these roots!

  2. Thank you very much, Daisy Fae. I love these Pagan roots, I believe they are from my Irish ancestors, who even in their practice of Christianity are about half Pagan.

    I enjoy your blog, too. Come back some time.

  3. I think you’d get along just fine with my friend Avonia the Wiccan Pimp.

    Thanks for stopping by the Failure. Hope you become a regular Renal reader.

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